Free Fire OB43 Update Patch Notes Feature Update

Garena has revealed the Free Fire OB43 Update features on its website. While some players previewed these features in the OB43 Advanced Server weeks ago, others eagerly await the official release on January 24, 2024, to experience the exciting additions to the game.

Garena has unveiled the features of the Free Fire OB43 Update on its website. Although many players were lucky enough to see these features in the OB43 Advanced Server held a few weeks ago, many had to wait until the final patch was released to experience them. Ultimately, these features are scheduled to come to the game on January 24, 2024.


The much-awaited Free Fire OB43 Update will introduce a ton of new content that gamers are going to enjoy.

Free Fire OB43 Update Patch Notes Update

The Free Fire OB43 update brings in exciting additions:

New Character Update: Ryden

Ryden excels at deploying a powerful explosive spider towards the target, capturing the first visible enemy within five meters. This inflicts an 80% speed reduction, a 10 HP loss per second, lasting for three seconds. Clicking the skill button again within 10 seconds halts the spider. The cooldown for this active ability is 75 seconds.

Chaos Events

Players can now vote to select their preferred events for inclusion in Battle Royale or Clash Squad matches.

Selectable events now include Runaway Plane, Cyber Mushroom, Unusual Arrival, Power Surge, Arsenal Explosion, New in Stock, Safe Zone Disrupted, and Mission Carnival.

Weapon Updates:

  • Kingfisher: +7% Damage, -10% Range
  • G36: +3% Damage, +5% Accuracy
  • M500: +5% Headshot Damage
  • M60: -10% Maximum Damage
  • Trogon: -7% Damage, -3 Magazine Count
  • VS: +10% Rate of Fire

For further details on the Free Fire OB43 Update features, please visit the official game website.

Battle Royale Improvements:

  • Pickup Truck now accommodates up to four players.
  • Jeep has an increased speed.
  • Tuk Tuk boasts enhanced acceleration, speed, and HP.
  • Amphibian experiences increased speed and HP.
  • Monster Truck sees an increase in collision damage and HP.
  • Sports Car enjoys increased HP and collision damage.
  • Motorbike has reduced collision damage.

Character Rework:

  • Orion’s pursuit capability has been reduced.

For additional changes and updates, explore the official game website.

In the Free Fire OB43 update, Santino’s teleportation skill will see improvements.

Regarding Sonia, considering player feedback, Garena has removed Sonia’s revival feature, retaining her last act of defiance.

Character Balance Adjustments:

  • Ignis: The flame screen on the Ignis will now feature enhanced dimensions and effects.
  • Homer: Homer’s tracking skills have been strengthened in this update, along with an extended burst range and a reduced cooldown of 60 seconds for her active ability.
  • Tatsuya: The number of skill stacks for Tatsuya has been reduced.

Antonio: Antonio’s shield has been given balanced power to keep the fight fair.

Chrono: The Cooldown of Chrono’s ability has been reduced to 75 seconds.

Wukong: Wukong would slow down after activating his active ability. This will not happen after the Free Fire OB43 update.

Other Adjustments

  • K will no longer be able to reset Ford’s skills.
  • The trajectory of Alvaro’s awakening skill has been optimized.
  • The operation of the Arvan pet skill has been optimized.
  • Homer’s skill will now be unaffected by any obstacles. Now he can hit any target and hit the enemy accurately.

Combat Trait (Loadout Redesigned)

You will be given the chance to choose a combat feature that best suits your play style to create better Gameplay.


Nexterra Rework: New battle areas featuring a range of buildings have been introduced.

Zipway: The Parachute Spot options in the Nexterra map have been upgraded to replace the old empty zipway.

Grav Labs: The indoor layout of Nexterra’s Grave Labs has been Reworked.

Clash Squad

CS in-Match Quests

  • Random in-match quests will appear in CS matches. Completing these quests will unlock related events.

Other Clash Squad Adjustments

  • Some optimizations have been made to the CS Cash button in the Store interface.
  • If you match in a particular mode a prompt will appear on the loading screen.
  • After the new Ranked Season on February 1, 2024, Cyber ​​Airdrops will be temporarily removed.

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