Free Fire OB43 Update APK Download link, Size, and more

Garena has released the biggest update of this year, the Free Fire OB43 update, which adds a new Ryden character and many other features. Although some lucky players experienced these additions to the Free Fire OB43 Advanced Server a few weeks ago, the rest had to wait for the final patch release.

The developer has released the update after the Advance Server is over, and you may be wondering how you can install its new file.

That’s why we’ll tell you how to install the Free Fire OB43 update file, its download size, and everything you need to know.

How to Download or Install Free Fire OB43 Update’s APK file?

Garena does not recommend downloading new files through any third-party resource or link. This is because installing them through any unofficial source may compromise the security of your device. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you install the Free Fire OB43 update file through an official source.

Android players can install the Free Fire OB43 file via the Google Play Store, and iOS users can do so via the App Store. The Google Play Store link (for Android users) and App Store link (for iOS users) to install the new update are given below:-

  • To download the Free Fire OB43 Update from the Google Play Store, click here.
  • To download the Free Fire OB43 Update from the App Store, click here.

The step-by-step process to install Free Fire OB43 Update’s APK file is given below:-

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 2: Search Free Fire in the search bar and find the title.

Step 3: Tap the “Update” or “Install” button if you haven’t downloaded the title.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete.

By following these procedures, you will install the new Free Fire OB43 update file on your device. If you are an iOS user you can follow the same process, but go to the App Store instead of the Google Play Store.

The file size to install Free Fire is 587 MB on Google Play Store, you should have about 1 GB extra space on your device, as there will be additional in-app installation. Additionally, to install the update file, you must have at least 400 MB of free space on your device.

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