Free Fire OB43 Update APK Download link for Android User

The final update of Free Fire OB43 has been done, which brings many interesting new models. Prominent among these is a new character ‘Rydan’, who has a unique spider trap ability. In addition, the deck has also introduced several balancing changes in terms of seasoning and support to improve the overall experience for players.

There will be no maintenance break during the update, so you can play the game directly after updating the game. To install the latest Free Fire OB43 update, you can visit the respective app store for your device.

The download link for the new version and its feature details are given below.

Free Fire OB43 update APK Download link

Android users can download the Free Fire OB43 update via the Google Play Store. They can also use the app stores that come with their smartphones, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Store for Samsung devices.

Gamers need to note that Garena does not recommend employing third-party files to download games. Furthermore, getting the latest version using unofficial sources may compromise the security of your device. It is recommended for gamers that you download the APK through the official store.

To download the Free Fire OB43 update, you can click on Google Play Store.

Follow the steps given below to successfully download and install the new update on your mobile device:-

Step 1: Start by using the link above to access the game’s official Google Play Store page. You can also choose to manually open the particular application and search for the battle royale title.

Step 2: You can then click on the Update button to start the download process for the OB43 version. If you don’t have the game installed, you’ll get an Install button instead.

Step 3: Once updated, you can open the game and experience the new features.

There are a lot of special FF rewards and events that will be made available with the OB43 update, so gamers will be kept busy for the next few days.

Features of the Free Fire OB43 Update

The OB43 update is coming with a range of new content. Following are some of the major things that the developers are introducing with the latest version of the game:-

  • New Ryden Character
  • Character ability reworks (Sonia, Santino, Orion)
  • Character balance adjustments (Ignis, Homer, Tatsuya, Antonio, Chrono, Wukong)
  • New Chaos-themed events
  • Combat trait
  • Map changes (Nexterra reworked)
  • Battle Royale updates (Vehicle and combat optimizations)
  • Clash Squad adjustments
  • Weapon balancing updates (Kingfisher, G36, M500, M60, Trogon, VS).

Those who are interested in knowing about the various changes being made to the game can check out the official patch notes for the Free Fire OB43 update.

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