Free Fire redeem code today 18 april 2023: get free gloo wall skins and bundles

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Players in Free Fire always wish to expand their in-game collections by getting new items, cosmetics, and more. Generally, they can spend money on diamonds and purchase the required items through paid events or the in-game store. Other than that, redeem codes are an excellent method through which they will be able to receive free rewards in the battle royale title.

Free Fire redeem codes today

The developers often make these particular codes are available, and individuals can employ them through the Rewards Redemption Site of the game.

Free Fire redeem codes to get free gloo wall skins and bundles (April 18, 2023)

You can get free rewards by using the Free Fire redeem codes listed below:

Gloo wall skins



  • X99TK56XDJ4X
  • J3ZKQ57Z2P2P
  • B3G7A22TWDR7X
  • 4ST1ZTBE2RP9

Note: The redeem codes may or may not work for all users due to their ambiguous expiration dates and server restrictions.

Process of using Free Fire redeem codes

You can use the Free Fire redeem codes on the Rewards Redemption Site by following the instructions listed below:

Step 1: On any web browser of your choosing, go to the official Rewards Redemption Site for the game. It can be found through this link.

Step 2: Use the platform connected to your FF ID to complete the login procedure. The following are the options that you will find on the particular website:

  • Facebook
  • VK
  • Google
  • Apple ID
  • Huawei ID
  • Twitter

Guest accounts aren’t available as an option on the Rewards Redemption Site, so you cannot use them to redeem the codes. You will accordingly have to link them to become eligible to use the redeem codes.

Step 3: After logging in, enter the code accurately and click on the Confirm button on the screen. You will soon find the redemption status in a dialog box.

If the dialog box on the screen reads about a successful process, you can claim the rewards by proceeding to the in-game mail section. The items will be delivered to your account within 24 hours.

Disclaimer: Considering Free Fire has been banned in India, players who live there should refrain from playing the game. However, they are permitted to participate in the MAX version of the battle royale title since it has not been suspended in the country.