20 Stylish and Unique Name Options for Kitty Pets in Free Fire

Like characters, pets also have great importance in Free Fire. You can get advantage on many occasions in the game only by using pets. In such a situation, by using both characters and pets, you can perform better than other players and easily win the matches. However, players also have the option to change the names of these pets.

Like IGNs in Free Fire, unique names can also be given for pets. This will make you and your stomach look different from the players. Stylish and fancy names you cannot create with the keyboard of Android and iOS. For this you will have to use websites like nickfinder.com , lingojam.com and fornite.freefire-name.com.

With the help of diamonds you can change the name of pets in Free Fire. Here are the easy steps to change the name of pets in Free Fire:

  • After opening Free Fire, click on the stomach option.
  • Select your Kitty pet and then click the option behind it.
  • After this a dialog box named will open. You have to enter the new name of your pet there.
  • After this you can easily change the name while making payment.

20 Stylish and Unique Name Options for Kitty Pets in Free Fire

You can use these 20 stylish names for your pet:

1. ✠Sms

2. ⲘEastern

3. 𒈞Ƥhoeni𝔁

4. ꧁𝒮hield


6. ≋¢rØØkคshnks≋

7. Hǝ∂w𝓲𝔤

8. Scbbbb𝓮ℝs

9. Fℓu££y⚠

10. Fαwks⇝

11. ฿bcҜbeaҜ

12. They appear

13. Ƒån𝕘🐶

14. ๖ۣ•҉Ƕunter

15. ≪Lc∂ψ≫

16. ×°Ny𝖒eriⱥ°×

17. ⁣𓆩Sh͢͢͢sggyd𐍉g

18. 𒅒SBϻme𝓇

19. 𝔊𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔱▤

20. Greℽw͢͢͢iż❄

( Note: This article is for new players. Many people will already have knowledge about how to create a stylish name.)

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