upcoming event in Free Fire MAX came to the fore, will you get the mask for free?

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Free Fire MAX has tons of events every week and great events are still going on. The Mission Makeover event is running on the India server and consists of several mini-events. The developers have given the complete calendar information but many of the events are yet to get updated.

Recently a new leak has come to the fore and information about the upcoming missions has been received in it. Actually, the famous data miner VIPClown OFC has told through its official Instagram account that players will get Gilded Mask for free. In this article, we will take a look at the details of the upcoming event.

Gilded Mask will soon be available to players in Free Fire MAX

A poster related to the event has surfaced from the in-game event of Free Fire MAX.
In fact, the famous data miner VIPClown recently told that the event is coming on the servers of India, Bangladesh and Singapore. Its probable starting date will be 17 February 2023 and it will end on 19 February 2023. Changes in methods are also possible.

In this event the task will be easy and you get the mask for free. VIPClown didn’t provide much details and it is not known about all the prizes. Also, it has to be seen how many people can participate in it. It is clear that this event will come in the Makeover tab in the Missions section. You can get reward by doing task from here.

Leaks of Free Fire MAX are common and on most occasions they prove to be correct. In such a situation, it is expected that when this event comes in Free Fire MAX. The thing to note is that this event is for a short period of time and it will definitely be difficult to do the task.