Space Expedition Mini Uzi and other leaked Free Fire OB39 weapon skins

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Free Fire, a giant in the online battle royale genre, often garners praise for its HD quality graphics and immersive in-game elements. Players can equip various weapons, ranging from shotguns to assault rifles, to eliminate their opponents. To make the gameplay even more fun, the developers often add new weapon skins with enhanced attributes and special features.

Post the release of the OB39 update, an Instagram page called NOOBFF 69 has leaked lots of upcoming gun skins. Players will be able to get them from various events or purchase them from the store at different prices.


Space Expedition Mini Uzi and other leaked Free Fire OB39 weapon skins

The leaks feature
skins for various weapons, including the Mini Uzi, Vector, MP5, and other rifles in Free Fire. Here is a comprehensive list:

  • Sublime Crimson M60
  • Sublime Crimson MP5
  • Space Voyage Mini Uzi
  • Space Trip Mini Uzi
  • Charge Buster Moonwalker
  • Modern Aquarium P90
  • Storm Surge M24
  • Modern Aquarium P90
  • Fiery Rush M82B
  • Storm Surge Kingfisher
  • Hawk Wing Vector
  • Eagle Gaze M1187
  • Fishy Delight Desert Eagle
  • Space Expedition Mini Uzi
  • Jazzblow
  • Piscine Bat
  • Roller Cleaver
  • Fiery Rush Treatment Pistol
  • The Golden Mini Uzi

Players can check out the attributes that get upgraded and downgraded, such as reloading speed, damage, range, magazine, and movement speed, by equipping the skin on the weapon.

The Instagram video reveals that most of these weapon skins will be available for 899 diamonds. However, readers should note that all this information has been data-mined and no official confirmation has been provided as to how the skins will be included in the gaming title. Some of them may be available in events and lucky spins, while others would have to be unlocked with diamonds.

Many of the leaked skins are expected to come with special effects and special elimination broadcasts that are visible to other players in the match. But, the final decision rests with Garena’s developers as to which weapon skins they want to add to the OB39 update.

In-game weapon skins you may enjoy

While we wait for the new weapon skins to drop, here are our two recommendations that you can equip for more kills and immersive gameplay.

1) Blue Flame Draco AK

With blue-colored wings and a dragon-inspired design, Blue Flame Draco is one of the most beloved weapon skins for the AK in Free Fire. It comes with a special ability to deal extended damage to gloo walls. As for attributes, it has an enhanced rate of fire and damage per hit.

2) MP40- Predatory Cobra

MP40 Predatory Cobra, yet another popular skin in the community, features an amazing red flame animation and grants increased damage and fire rate.

Note: Due to government-imposed restrictions, Indian players are advised to refrain from playing Free Fire. Instead, they may enjoy the same set of features in Free Fire MAX.