New Free Fire Hyperbooks for OB39 update leaked

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The Hyperbook system made its debut in Free Fire back in June 2022. This innovative feature revolves around books with multiple pages that players must unlock using unique tokens to acquire valuable prizes dedicated to a particular page.

The game now has three separate books, and leaks about two further Hyperbooks in the pipeline have just surfaced. According to the information, both are scheduled to be available to players in the upcoming OB39 edition of the game.

Free Fire Scorpion and Immortal Hyperbook leaked

Data miners have shared posts about the upcoming Free Fire Hyperbook, and multiple sources lend credibility to the idea that two new books will be introduced after the upcoming
OB39 update.

Sawgaming_2.0 and knightclown_ shared the icons and names of the OB39 Hyperbook as the Immortal Hyperbook and Scorpion Hyperbook.

On the other hand, Pure_Leaks_OFC provided a detailed list of themed items that might be part of the Immortal Hyperbook. The items include:

  • Immortal Stoneplate
  • AC80 – Immortal Ignition
  • Katana – Immortal Ignition
  • Gloo Wall – Immortal Ignition
  • Gloo_Firedragon_01_D (Name not confirmed yet)
  • Grenade – Immortal Ignition

The data miners are yet to reveal when and how these new books will be incorporated into the game, and this remains a question in the minds of the players eagerly awaiting its release remains unanswered. Nonetheless, it can be safely assumed that both books might not be released immediately into the game.

In the past, Garena released two Hyperbooks, Galaxy and Rampage, for free through their top-up events, where players had to purchase 300 and 200 diamonds, respectively. In contrast, users had to spend diamonds to collect the tokens from the store and other events.

Based on the details of the previous releases, Garena might follow a similar pattern and might release each of the upcoming Free Fire Hyperbooks for free, while players are required to acquire their tokens using the premium in-game currency.

However, at the end of the day, Garena has not yet announced the release of the Hyperbooks. Hence, all the details mentioned in the article are leaks. Therefore, players are advised to consider these details with a grain of salt.

Note: Free Fire is blocked in India. Due to government-imposed restrictions, Indian players are advised to refrain from playing the battle royale title.