New Free Fire Evo gun skins and other themed items leaked

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With the launch of the new Free Fire OB39 Advance Server, new leaks about the upcoming content have flooded the internet. Among the leaks by the data miner are the Ultimate Achiever G18 Evo and Scorpio Bane Evo gun skins and their corresponding themed items.

Pureleaks_OFC and KnightClown, two popular data miners in the Indian community, can be attributed as the source for these new leaks. Furthermore, their reputation lends credence to these details. Consequently, players can expect many new cosmetics in the battle royale title in the coming days.

New Free Fire Evo gun skins and other themed items leaked

In two separate Instagram posts, the data miners shared insights into two new Evo gun skins and their accompanying themed items that they believe will enter Free Fire. The items revealed by the data miners as part of the leaks are as follows:

  • G18 – Ultimate Achiever
  • Achiever Steps
  • Ultimate Achiever Fist
  • Gloo Wall – Achiever
  • Achiever Sickle
  • Grenade – Ultimate Achiever
  • Sports Car – Achiever
  • Tuk Tuk – Achiever
  • Aquachiever
  • Achiever Bat
  • Achiever Knife
  • Pan – Achiever
  • MP5 – Achiever
  • Achiever Backpack
  • Achiever Loot Box
  • Achiever Skyboard
  • Achiever Parachute

KnightClown and Pureleaks_OFC shared the AC80 – Scorpio Bane and other accompanying items in a separate video. The list includes:

  • AC80 – Scorpio Bane
  • Scorpio Spin
  • Venom Slicer
  • Gloo Wall – Venom Rush
  • Venom Rush Backpack
  • Venom Haunt Loot Box
  • Venom Haunt Loot Box

The two data miners have offered valuable insights into the upcoming Free Fire Evo gun skins and the accompanying items by offering a visual glimpse. However, they have not yet shared the exact details, effects, and attributes of the Evo gun skin. Further details of their release and the event source are yet to be shared.

Based on some previously released Evo gun skins, it is safe to say that they are likely to be available through the Faded Wheel, a popular Luck Royale. In the meantime, some other themed items might be available for free. In contrast, others might necessitate the expenditure of diamonds.

These newly surfaced leaks have generated excitement among players eagerly awaiting updates on the arrival of some highly anticipated items. However, there has been no official announcement regarding this. It could be a few days or weeks before Garena makes the announcement.

Note: Due to government-imposed restrictions on Free Fire, Indian players are advised to refrain from playing the battle royale title.