Monson Turtleneck Leaked in Free Fire Max

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Garena  Free Fire has revealed the new  Escolha Royale. A set with the “ Monson Orakii ” label will be released on Free Fire. The new Choice Royale takes place this Friday, March 3rd.

The event will feature:

  • Turtleneck “Monson”
  • Emote “Turn On”

Players will have to spend diamonds to try to get the item each spin. Check below the value of each spin:

  • 1st spin  – 9 Diamonds
  • 2nd spin  – 29 Diamonds
  • 3rd spin  – 59 Diamonds
  • 4th spin  – 99 Diamonds
  • 5th spin  – 199 Diamonds
  • 6th spin  – 299 Diamonds
  • 7th spin  – 399 Diamonds
  • 8th spin  – 599 Diamonds


About Choose Royale

Choice  Royale Free Fire  works with the player eliminating two prizes before starting to spin. After each spin, the reward won will turn gray and each time you spin, the chances of getting the biggest prize increase, but the price of each spin will also become more expensive. To grab the grand prize, the player will have to spin up to 8 times.