MO Ring leak in Free Fire Max: Unique rewards, launch date and other tidbits revealed

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Leak: New Monson Orakii calendar has been released on Indian servers in Free Fire Max, in which players are going to get cosmetic items. The MO Ring event will be presented live by the developer on 18 February 2023 inside the game.

The upcoming Luck Royale on Venom OFC, a famous source of Free Fire Max, has been confirmed. Well, in this article, we are going to take a look at MO Ring Leak in Free Fire Max: Unique Rewards, Launch Date and other important tidbits revealed.

MO Ring leak in Free Fire Max: Unique rewards, launch date and other tidbits revealed

The MO Ring Luck Royale has been announced on the official Instagram handle of the popular Free Fire Max source Venom OFC. These events will be added on 18 February 2023 on Bangladesh and Singapore servers.


It is offering four attractive rewards to the players – Turtleneck, Void Genotype, Lacuna Genotype and Silent Statement etc. This item is about to join the Monson Orakki brand.

Players have to spin by spending diamonds. Random prizes will be received from the prize pool on spins. However, there is no guarantee of receiving a particular item from the prize pool. In this Luck Royale, players will get special tokens. These tokens can be used to redeem items by visiting the Exchange Store.

This event is going to be running till March 3, 2023 inside the game. However, the price of Spin in the data miner has not been disclosed. As a guess, one spin will be 19 Diamonds and five spins will be 90 Diamonds. More details will be available as the event is added.

However, currently that’s the price of the DMC Ring’s spin. She cannot remain of the upcoming Luck Royale. Players will get complete information after the event series.