“Less is More” Reload Event on Free Fire will give 420% bonus at Christmas In Brazil

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Garena revealed the return of the Menos é Mais reload event on Free Fire. In the new event, reloading will give up to 420% bonus diamonds to players. The Menos é Mais event will only be available on December 24th.

How the Free Fire Less is More event works

Players who have the least amount of dimas in their account will benefit the most, as the smaller the number of diamonds, the greater the discount on the purchase.

Players who buy the 520 diamond package will pay BRL 4.39 and the bonus varies according to the amount of diamonds the player has in their account. Free Fire players can get up to 80% off and pay BRL 4.39 to get the package.

Anyone with more than 500 diamonds in their account will not have access to the discount. Once recharged and purchased the pack of 520 diamonds, the event will automatically end, as it is only valid for one recharge.

Check the table of values ​​below:

Table Less is More

0 – 99 diamonds BRL 4.39 (80%)
100 – 199 diamonds BRL 8.99 (60%)
200 – 499 diamonds BRL 12.99 (40%)
500 or more diamonds BRL 17.99 (20%)