How to get the Cyberprismatic Set in FF Brazil

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Garena will launch on the Brazilian Free Fire Server around the Luzes do Destino Free Fire event. The event will start on Wednesday, March 15th and will run until March 21st. The event allows players to get up to 75% offpreset items, most notably the Cyberprismatic Set.

About Lights of Destiny in Free Fire

The event works similarly to Supermarketand Mystery Shop , but has a system with nine items that can only be selected three times with each purchase.

If the player gets 85% discount, all items available in that round will automatically have the respective deduction in the final value.

The event gives an opportunity to update the five-time achieved discount and ten-time prize list for free . After that, both segments need the use of five diamonds on each occasion to be upgraded.

All purchased items will be sent directly to the vault of the account in question and, if duplicated, will be automatically exchanged for FF Tokens.