Holi-themed items leaked in Free Fire Max

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Leak: Leaks of events that will be added to Free Fire Max are already received according to data miners. Currently OB38 update is on running. Information is being received that emotes and other themed items have been revealed inside the game.

Famous data miners VIP Clown has given information while posting on his official Instagram account. Well, in this article we are going to take a look at the leaked Holi items in Free Fire Max.

Holi items leaked in Free Fire Max

VIP Clown has recently uploaded a post on his official Instagram. Holi themed items have been revealed in it. Here are the rewards presented in the event:


  • Corrupted Vein Bundle
  • Bionic Vagabond Bundle
  • techno blast
  • Techno Sickle
  • Techno Chopper
  • Pan – Technojoy
  • Techno Joy Loot Box
  • Gloo Wall – Technojoy
  • Techno Joy Backpack
  • Motorbike – Techno Joy

Any special event-theme is added inside the game in Free Fire Max. Their information is already given according to the Instagram post. This information is given by the famous data miner. Because, these minors actually turn out to be true. The link given by him is completely true.

These data miners are 100% accurate. The items for the Holi-themed event have been revealed inside the game. This event will be added before Holi. Stay active inside the game.

According to the recent data miner in Free Fire Max, Diamond Royale and Weapon Royale have also surfaced through leaks. Players are about to get a unique bundle in Diamond Royale. Apart from this, players are going to get the best gun skin in Weapon Royale. This leak was seen two days back. These events will be added to the game in the first week of February.