FF Leaks: Garena announced the new December Free Fire 100% recharge bonus event

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Garena announced the new  December Free Fire 100% recharge bonus event  scheduled for this Friday (12/16/2022). This time the award will grant a reload bonus of up to 100% on diamonds.

The promotion is part of Recarga Jogo and may be valid until December 18th. Players will only be able to recharge once during this event period, so the event is  only valid once per account. Players will have to do the following:

  • Step 1:  Go to the diamond recharge site on the Recarga Jogo website ;
  • Step 2:  Choose Free Fire;
  • Step 3:  Log in with the indicated platform;
  • Step 4:  Choose the payment method that you prefer (bank slip, credit card, bank transfer and deposit, in addition to other publisher partner sites)

How does the 100% Bonus work?

Common values ​​range from R$3 to R$160, while express prices from R$5 to R$136 will qualify for the promotion. If you make a purchase of R$160, in addition to the 5,300 diamonds, you will earn another 5,830, totaling 11,130.

Common Offers

BRL 4.49 Diamond x 100 + Bonus 90
BRL 13.99 Diamond x 310 + Bonus 279
BRL 20.99 Diamond x 520 + Bonus 468
BRL 44.99 Diamond x 1060 + Bonus 954
BRL 87.89 Diamond x 2180+ Bonus 1962
BRL 209.99 Diamond x 5600 + Bonus 5040

Special offer


Free Fire Reload Event

It’s important to remember that each  reload bonus  event  happens about 2-3 times a week. Garena provides players with an item after they have  recharged diamonds in Free Fire.

Garena stipulates a minimum amount of diamonds to redeem the rewards, so there is a goal to earn the bonus in Free Fire.

For those who recharge diamonds in Free Fire outside the APK on the Recarga Jogo website, the event will allow players to participate in the recharge event.