Free Fire x JKT48 Collaboration: Everything you need this Collaboration

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Free Fire x JKT48 Collaboration, Can Play and Meet Senbatsu Live.

Free Fire and JKT48 are collaborating again to present the Fortune Goodies in-game event which will bring a new experience of enjoying the battle royale game with special prizes from JKT48.

Taking place from 9-18 December 2022, lucky Free Fire players will get an exclusive Free Fire x JKT48 Photocard as well as the opportunity to play together and meet Senbatsu JKT48 in person.

This collaboration with JKT48 is part of Garena’s commitment to always present the best entertainment content with a local feel for gamers in Indonesia.


New Color for Free Fire x JKT48 Collaboration

This collaboration brings a new color to the Free Fire game through innovation by combining gaming experiences and exclusive prizes, which Free Fire and JKT48 specifically present for all Survivors and JKT48 fans in Indonesia.

“It is an honor as well as a very enjoyable thing for JKT48 to be able to present a Fortune Goodies event with Free Fire. This collaboration allows JKT48 to not only connect with fans through music, but also through very exciting interactions in the world of Free Fire. Let’s play Free Fire and get the main prize to be able to get the Exclusive Photocard Free Fire x JKT48 and Mabar so you can Booyah with Senbatsu JKT48!“ said Jinan, Vice Captain of JKT48

Complete Missions and Get Prizes in the Fortune Goodies Event

In this latest collaboration, Survivors will get JKT48 Tokens every time they play Clash Royale, Battle Royale, and Lonewolf modes on Free Fire.

Each JKT48 Token can be used to play JKT48 Spin and get various attractive prizes, starting from a collection of selected in-game items, to the main prize in the form of the Exclusive Collectible Card Free Fire x JKT48 and the opportunity to play Free Fire with Senbatsu JKT48 directly.

In the Fortune Goodies event, players only need to play Free Fire to get JKT48 Tokens.

The more often Survivors play Free Fire, the more JKT48 Tokens you get for playing Spinning Wheels. With this increasing number of tokens, Survivors will have a greater opportunity to win the grand prize, both to get exclusive collectible cards and the opportunity to play Free Fire with Senbatsu JKT48!

“It’s great that JKT48 can continue to collaborate with Free Fire right up to this Fortune Goodies event. This is a completely new thing where through the Free Fire game, JKT48 can greet and connect with our fans in a new way. It’s even more exciting because in this event JKT48 will play Free Fire with Survivors! Can’t wait to meet and have fun with you guys! Let’s play Free Fire as much as possible so we can play together with Zee and the other JKT48 senbatsu!” said Zee JKT48.

The Fortune Goodies in-game event is here as a follow-up collaboration between Free Fire and JKT48 which starts at the end of October 2022.

The first collaboration was presented through the Feel The Fire music video which was arranged and performed by JKT48 as part of the Booyah Day series in Indonesia.

This collaboration then continued into the first in-game event with selected item prizes and exclusive videos from Senbatsu JKT48.