Free Fire Token Tower: Werewolf Skin In Brazil Server

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Garena will launch the skin  of Lobisomem (Destruction Platinada) and Fist Chained on Free Fire in Brazil. The most popular battle royale item returned at the  Free Fire Token Tower event this Friday (12/23/2022).

The new Free Fire skin that contains the “ Visual Change ” effect, which is applied during Free Fire matches.

As it is available now in the  Tower of Tokensevent , its drop will be more difficult, since the spins do not guarantee that you will receive the main item of the event.

What is the Value of the Skin of the Werewolf (Platinum Destruction) of Free Fire?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know how much the Yellow Angelic Pants cost in Free Fire , since the torrent de Tokens event does not give guarantees. You can spend thousands of diamonds and still not be able to drop the Werewolf skin (Platinum Destruction), so you can spend 9 diamonds as you can spend 900.

The fixed values ​​of each Token Tower spin are as follows:

  • 1 spin : 9 diamonds
  • 5 spins : 39 diamonds

How to receive Werewolf Skin (Platinum Destruction) Free Fire

As mentioned, the Tower of Tokens event takes place by turns and to get the Werewolf skin (Platinum Destruction) in FF you will have to do the following:

  1. Pay the amount of spins.
  2. Spin to get special rewards or tokens.
  3. Earned rewards will be placed in your backpack.
  4. You can use the items in your backpack and exchange them for spins.