Free Fire Reload Event in Brazil server: Scythe Akasagi (06/03/2023)

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Garena  announced the next Free Fire recharge event for this month of March. Items for the  next Free Fire reload event in March will be the Akasagi Scythe.

The next Free Fire recharge event will take place on Monday (06/03/23) after  00:00 (Brasília time). In this event, all users will be allowed to participate, regardless of the way they choose to recharge.

  • Reload 300 Diamonds : Akasagi Scythe

Free Fire Reload Event

It’s important to remember that each  reload bonus event happens about 2-3 times a week. Garena provides players with an item after they have recharged  diamonds in Free Fire.

Garena stipulates a minimum amount of diamonds to redeem the rewards, so there is a goal to earn the bonus in Free Fire.

For those who recharge diamonds in Free Fire outside the APK on the  Recarga Jogo website, the event will allow players to participate in the recharge event.