Free Fire OB39 Advance Server features leaked: Know Everything

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Even before the start of the upcoming Free Fire OB39 Advance Server, some of its features have been leaked into the public domain. Multiple data miners have shared a poster of the features that players will likely relish in a special client slated for release later this month.

Multiple leakers corroborating these details lends substantial weight to the claims of there being a host of changes and features that would potentially be tested during the OB39 Advance Server.

Free Fire OB39 Advance Server features leaked

A fresh batch of Free Fire OB39 Advance Server leaks has come to light, with several data miners, including Knightclown, Venom OFC, and more, taking to Instagram to share a poster of what players can expect from Advance Server.

According to available information, Garena will test out Alvaro Awaken, a Pet Smash mode, a new
character altogether, and the Craftland Update as part of the Advance Server later this month. However, the data miners have not divulged any specific details about the aspects mentioned above as of yet.

It is also worth reiterating that while a wide variety of features are trialed on the Advance Server, not all of them may make it to the final update. This means that the changes are likely to be part of the OB39 update, but there is no guarantee of the same.

Moreover, all unconfirmed details should be taken with a grain of salt. Players will have to wait for the Advance Server’s release to check out what is in store for them.

How to access the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server

Advance Server is a separate application where Garena tests all the features they intend to release for the battle royale title. Access to this special client is restricted. Only those with a valid Activation Code can get into it.

You may register on the official website to stand a chance of receiving this code. Here’s how you can go about it.

Step 1: Open the Advance Server website and set up your account using Facebook or Google.

Step 2: Provide an active email address whenever prompted and click the Join Now button to complete the registration procedure.

In case your application is passed, you will receive an Activation Code, which is mandatory for gaining access to this client. You may also download the APK file for the Advance Server from the same website starting from March 10. As per the official calendar, access will be open until March 16. 2023.

Note: Due to government-imposed restrictions on Free Fire, Indian players from the country are advised not to play the battle royale title or its Advance Server.