Free Fire OB38 Advance Server features one mystery character and Pet

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Prior to the release of every Free Fire update, Garena launches an Advance Server. This marks the onset of a beta testing phase where players can try out new content and offer constructive feedback to ensure only the most valuable features make it to the final release.

The Free Fire OB38 Advance Server is live and provides ample new features, including a new mystery character, a Pet, ability adjustment, and more. You can download the APK from the game’s official website and enjoy the latest changes. Among the new inclusions, the Pet and character are the most interesting. Read on to learn more about the same.

Note: Due to the government-imposed restriction on Free Fire, Indian players are advised not to play the Advance Server. Instead, they may wait for the release of the update in Free Fire MAX to enjoy the features.

Free Fire OB38 Advance Server features one mystery character and Pet

Listed below are details regarding the ability of the new mystery character and Kactus Pet in Free Fire OB38 Advance Server:

Mystery character

The mystery character included in the OB38 Advance Server possesses an incredible ability named Shape Splitter. It is of the Active kind and spawns a 150HP mannequin that autonomously travels for five seconds. Gamers will have to use the skill again to teleport to the entity’s place. This could help them deceive opponents.

Each use of the ability at the base level has a cooldown duration of 110 seconds. Upon reaching the max level of the character, the cooldown duration will come down to 60 seconds. The skill will essentially serve the purpose of teleportation and could be vital. It could change the meta completely.


Description: “Mostly we grow.”

Kactus is a new Pet that can be found in the Advance Server. It has a skill called Self-sufficient that restores EP. Essentially, when the user stays still for eight seconds, they receive 10 EP points. This skill’s effect will stop working after 100 EP is restored or in the case players move/jump.

The duration of the skill to replenish 10 EP points is reduced from eight to six seconds after the Pet has reached its maximum level. Pairing this companion with a character like K could prove to be highly beneficial.

Note: The ability of the mystery character and Kactus Pet mentioned above are not final and could change at the time of the final release.

Other features in Free Fire OB38 Advance Server

Some other features offered by the Advance Server are:

  • New Pet Kactus
  • New mystery character
  • New Loot Radar to provide the location of supplies
  • New Gloo Wall maker
  • New and improving loading page in BR mode
  • Option to revive in BR solo mode
  • Improved driving option in BR mode
  • Release of new character buff in CS mode
  • The shift of the Final safe zone in CS Mode (for a certain distance)
  • Better in-game communication
  • More color tags for teammates visible on the screen
  • Weapon Glory Leaderboard
  • Skyler’s ability reworked
  • Optimized Zombie Hunt mode and adjustments in Big Head mode

It is important to highlight that all the features from the Advance Server client might not make it to the game’s update.

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