Free Fire next Incubator leaked: Carapina Elemental Weapons

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The Incubator is one of several Lucky Royales accessible to players in Free Fire, where players have the opportunity to acquire an extensive variety of attractive cosmetics. They usually remain active for almost a month before being switched to a new version.

Garena will launch a brand new Incubator in Free Fire, called Carapina Armas Elementales with several new weapon skins. Players will be required to spend Diamonds to collect the materials needed to acquire the prizes.

While many players want to use the Incubator to expand their collection, the sheer expense of spins restricts them. Consequently, they usually wait for a sale or any offer.


Vector Weapons of the Gods Incubator in Free Fire and more

The new Carapina Armas ElementalIncubator  will be added to the Free Fire server on February 16, 2023 , giving players almost a month to get the exclusive packs. A single spin on this Lucky Royale will cost 40 diamonds, and a pack of five can be done for 180 diamonds.

Players will draw all items randomly, and once players have accumulated enough Blueprints and Evolution Stones , they can exchange them for the following skins:

  • Carapina Revenge of the Clouds;
  • Red-hot Carapina Threat.

Players can obtain all of them by accumulating enough material.


Steps to access the Incubator and get the rewards

Players can follow the guide below to acquire Incubator rewards:

Step 1: They must access Luck in Free Fire by clicking on the button on the left side of the screen. Then they can select the Incubator from the menu.

Step 2:  Users must then spend diamonds to spin and acquire the required materials.

Step 3: Once players have accumulated the necessary Blueprints and Evolution Stones, they can access the exchange section by clicking on the button in the center.

Step 4:  Finally, they can select their desired package and click on the exchange button. They will have to confirm their selection to receive the outfit.

Players may have to spend thousands of diamonds to spin and collect rewards. So only those with enough in-game cash to spare should proceed. Others can expect the 50% discount that developers often offer at the end of a given Incubator.