Free Fire New pet CACTUS leaked: Know Everything

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Through the Free Fire files, it was possible to find several information stating that we will have a new pet in this new update. OB38 will be bringing the new pet Cactus (the name has not yet been released), which will be a Cactus and will be available for testing in the new edition of the Free Fire Advanced Server.

The information was exclusively obtained by our website through the game files, the new pet’s ability will basically recover energy while the player has stopped.

Check out the new pet’s ability below according to what was found in the Free Fire files;

Skill Name: Self-Reliance

Ability: Recovers {X} energy per second when its owner is stopped for {X}s. Energy recovery will stop when moving or after recovering {X} energy.

Ability summary: As long as its owner stays still, it will recover energy, it will only be interrupted when the player returns to moving or recovers the energy of his companions.


Pets allow players to gain extra skills in Garena’s battle royale. It basically serves as a little friend who will be helping the character with his skills. Currently Free Fire has about 22 pets available to players, they can be acquired for free in garena challenge events or for a fee in other types of events involving diamonds.