Free Fire Mystery Shop Leaked: Punkadão Natalino Set and Nirvana Natalina Set

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Confirmed on Garena‘s calendar, the Free Fire Mysterious Store  to the battle royale this Thursday, December 22nd . With the theme of Christmas, the main rewards of the event will be the potential skins Pankadão Natalino Set and Nirvana Natalina Set.

Check the items:

  • Punkadão Natalino Set
  • Nirvana Natalina Set
  • Urban Levante Set
  • Griffin set
  • Dr set Butcher
  • Fallen Angel Backpack
  • Gel Wall – Stormy
  • Katana – Kendoka
  • Kick the Moon Emote

The Mystery Shop will grant up to 90% off items and will be valid until December 31st.

About the Mystery Shop

The definition of the Mystery Shop is quite simple: it is an event that usually takes place every two months and grants great discounts and exclusive rewards to players.

When entering the store you will have one of the main skins already selected, to change it just click on the “change” option.

To participate, you must use diamonds so that, after each purchase with the  discount percentage defined in the luck, the items can be sent to the inventory of the respective account.

Now we know that till when this event will come in Indian server.

As we all know, even the event that comes in Brazil server, it comes in Indian server in seven to eight days, so we can expect that we will get to see this event soon in Indian server.