Free Fire Max will no longer be available in Brazil server, know the reason behind this

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The company asked that players keep their account updated in the original Free Fire.


Garena announced, this Wednesday (8), the end of the maximized version of Free Fire known as Free Fire MAX (FFMAX). Until then, the version brought the same gameplay that players already found in the original Free Fire, but with improved graphics and resources. Free Fire Max is no longer available for download in Android (Play Store) and iPhone (iOS – Apple Store) app stores.

Free Fire Max was released on September 28, 2021, with the promise of being a more robust version of Free Fire, with improved graphics and more immersive gameplay. Although it made the official announcement within the game, Garena did not make clear the reasons that led to the end of Free Fire MAX.

In the text sent by Garena to players using the Free Fire MAX version, the company asked that players keep their account updated on the original Free Fire and makes it clear that the maximized version will not have updates from the next game update, scheduled for 21 March 2023.

Although Garena has not made any official announcement about the decision to end Free Fire MAX, after the excellent numbers during the pandemic period, everything leads to the belief that the reason is the strong decline of SEA LTD, Garena’s parent company, which suffered a drop of more than 72% in the price of its shares in 2022. In February, Garena suffered a severe blow after Free Fire was banned in India, one of its largest markets.

In addition, a spokesman for SEA LTD, the company that owns Garena, exclusively confirmed to Free Fire News Portal, that the company “has made some changes to improve efficiency in our operations that affect several functions”, saying that it would focus on “ long-term strength of our ecosystem.”

The next Free Fire update is scheduled to take place on March 22, 2023 and players who already have Free Fire MAX installed will be able to use the APK normally until this date, then the maximized version of Free Fire will not be available for login of users.