Free Fire Max Next Booyah Pass (Elite Pass) leaked: Know Everything

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With the completion of the ongoing Elite Pass in Free Fire, the developers will discontinue the system and replace it with the Booyah Pass starting in January 2023. The pass is said to offer better and more exciting rewards, including a Gloo wall, legendary gun skins, and even Tailor Bundles.

All eyes are set on the release of Booyah Pass. While there are a few days before its release, a new set of leaks has appeared around the rewards, pricing, and more. This comes in from popular data miner Vazamentos RMD providing gravitas to the leaks.

Free Fire Booyah Pass leaked

While the developers have officially announced that the Free Fire Booyah Pass will be in place from January 2023, the leaks have highlighted the rewards of its functioning. This pass will feature levels instead of the current badges.

Users will still have to complete the missions, but they will earn EXP, which will help them increase their Booyah Pass level and claim the rewards. The data miner has also shed light on its pricing. The premium variant will cost 300 diamonds, while the Premium Plus will cost 800 diamonds.

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There are visible differences between the variants with the former; users can only get rewards up to 120 levels, while with the latter, they can unlock up to 170 levels. Furthermore, the latter also provides more rewards instantly after the purchase.


Some of the Free Fire Booyah Pass rewards identified through the video are as follows:

  • Trogon – Color Dust (7d) at Level 1
  • Evil Emoji Parachute at Level 10
  • Cute Emoji Banner at Level 20
  • Ticking Bomb Loot Box at Level 30
  • Evil Emoji Avatar at Level 40
  • Bang Bang Bundle at Level 50
  • Grenade – Mischief Town at Level 70
  • Evil Emoji Skyboard at Level 80
  • Evil Emoji Backpack at Level 90
  • Tailor Bundle at Level 100
  • Pan – Color Dust at Level 130
  • Gloo Wall – Mischief Town at Level 140

It is important to highlight that the details provided earlier are only leaks and, thus, must be treated with a grain of salt. Garena is yet to announce the details of the upcoming Booyah Pass, and gamers can expect official words from the developers in the coming days. They can patiently wait and accumulate the diamonds from the pass.

Note: Due to government-imposed restrictions on Free Fire, Indian players should refrain from playing the battle royale title. Instead, they may enjoy the MAX version, which is not among the prohibited applications.

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