Free Fire MAX Leaks reveal the upcoming Events

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Free Fire MAX New Event – Leaks reveal the upcoming Events in Free Fire MAX: The Free Fire community is celebrating its Winterlands campaign however, devs are not stopping it here. A leak from popular data miner, BB Bhai suggests that plenty of new events are arriving in-game over the next few days. From the Melting vault event to the Magic Cube Update, gamers would have them all. Here’s all you need to know about the Free Fire MAX Upcoming events.

Free Fire MAX New Event

Garena introduced the Winterlands Event campaign a few hours back. The same campaign will run for the next four weeks, allowing players to explore different events and rewards. In spite of introducing all these events, the devs want to include more events in the coming days to encourage more gamers. Leaks also suggest that a few updates might also take place in the next few days.

Two popular data miners, Knight Clown and BB Bhai combining shared a post leaking the upcoming events that would arrive over the next few days. The leaked post mainly features all the names of the events as well as the next possible small updates. Hence, as per the post, the upcoming events are the Melting Vault Event, New Incubator, Hall of Elite Event, Mystery Shop Event, Emote Party Event, and Magic Cube update.

However, as of now, there is no mention of the release dates of all the events in the post. Most of the time, these leaks become right. So, gamers have to wait for official confirmation which will be available in the next few days.