Free Fire Max Booyah Pass (Elite Pass) Season 2 leaked: Everything you need to know

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Garena released the first Booyah Pass in Free Fire MAX in January 2023, replacing the traditional Elite Pass. Its second season has reportedly been leaked online, offering a comprehensive overview of the items coming the players’ way.

As per the available information, gamers are expected to receive two attractive outfits, a gun skin, an emote, and plenty of other cosmetics. To receive all of these, however, they will need to upgrade to a paid variant by spending diamonds.

Read through to learn more about the upcoming Booyah Pass.

Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 2 for February, leaked

Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 2 is set to start on February 1, 2023, and will be available for the entire month. It will feature attractive rewards that gamers can earn at an affordable rate.

Players can upgrade to the Premium version for 499 diamonds, while the Premium Plus will set them back by 999 diamonds. The former will allow them to reach level 120, while the latter will unlock 50 additional tiers.

Multiple content creators and data miners posted leaks for the upcoming Booyah Pass. Accordingly, the rewards that might be a part of the pass are as follows:

  • Level 10: Crocoslayer Parachute and Sports Car – Crocoslayer
  • Level 20: Crocoslayer Banner and Crocochamp Banner
  • Level 30: Crocoslayer Loot Box
  • Level 40: Crocoslayer Avatar and Crocochamp Banner
  • Level 50: Croco T-Shirt and Crocotamer Bundle
  • Level 70: Grenade – Crocoslayer
  • Level 80: Crocoslayer Skyboard
  • Level 90: Pixel Croco Backpack
  • Level 99: Evolution Stone
  • Level 100: Crocodarer Bundle and BP S2 Crate
  • Level 110: BP S2 Crate
  • Level 115: BP S2 Crate
  • Level 125: BP S2 Crate
  • Level 130: CrcoBat
  • Level 135: BP S2 Crate
  • Level 140: Croco Hooray emote
  • Level 150: Kord – Crocodare and BP S2 Crate
  • Level 151: BP S2 Deluxe Crate (Repeatable for every one Booyah Pass level)

In addition, players will get a variety of vouchers, Evo gun token crates, loadout items, and more. All these factors make the pass an attractive alternative for acquiring cosmetics. With these leaks, they can decide whether or not to purchase the pass and also begin collecting diamonds in advance.

Even though this information is from reliable sources, they are still leaks and must be taken with a grain of salt. Additionally, since the developers are yet to make an official announcement, the same rewards may or may not be available in Free Fire as part of the upcoming Booyah Pass.

Note: Due to government-imposed restrictions on Free Fire in India, players are advised not to play the battle royale title. Instead, they may engage in the MAX version and enjoy the same Booyah Pass.

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