Free Fire max Battle Journalist Pack leaked, date and how to get it

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Skin Jornalista de Batalha will return to Free Fire next week on the Brazilian server.

Through the weekly Free Fire calendar, Garena confirmed the return of the Jornalista de Batalhapackage in Brazil, the customization will be available in the Maluco Discount event starting next week, this Saturday, March 4, 2023 we will detail the information about the launch date, such as it works and more.

The Maluco Discount event with the Battle Journalist package will be launched next Monday, March 6, 2023 at 00: 00h ( Brasília time ), it will be available on the Brazilian server until the 12/03th.

The Battle Journalist pack is exclusive to male characters.


How the event works

  • When accessing the event, you will need to play to earn a discount;
  • You can buy one of the available items or change all prizes;
  • After purchasing an item with the discount obtained, you must play again to get the next discount;
  • The first 6 updates are free. After that, each update will cost 9 Free Fire Diamonds.