Free Fire less is more diamond event leaked: when will it come in indian server

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I found the banner of the “Men’s are more” event late in the fourth day of the week.

A new edition of the event will be arriving on our server next Saturday (24th) after 00h or 04h (Horário de Brasilia), or itself will last only one day.

The event will be offering a pack of 520 diamonds with a discount, however, the discount will depend on the amount of diamonds available in your account, the smaller the number of diamonds in your account, the greater the discount you will get. These discounts vary from 20% to 80%.

Number of diamonds in the account
Value of 520 diamonds
Between 0 and 99 diamonds R$5.99 (80% off)
Between 100 and 199 diamonds R$11.99 (60% off)
Between 200 and 499 diamonds R$17.99 (40% off)
Over 500 Diamonds R$24.99 (20% off)

Based on past events!

Now we know that till when this event will come in Indian server.

As we all know, even the event that comes in Brazil server, it comes in Indian server in seven to eight days, so we can expect that we will get to see this event soon in Indian server.


The Less is More event happens from time to time within Free Fire. In this event, you can buy 520 Diamonds for less than what is normally charged for that amount of diamonds.