Free Fire January 2023 Update: APK login via multiple accounts

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Players will be able to link their Free Fire account on multiple platforms after the January update.

The next Free Fire update will take place in January 2023, however, some news has already begun to be anticipated, such as the option to link the APK account to different social networks, this Wednesday, December 21, 2022 we will detail how it will work.

According to Garena‘s statement, as of January 11th, players will be able to link their Free Fire account to more than one platform, this measure serves to reduce the risk of the user losing access to the APK.

Check out Garena‘s statement below :

Multi-account link functionality coming soon. Protect your account by linking it to more than one platform and reduce the chance of losing your access. This functionality will be available after the new update on January 11th. 🇧🇷

It is worth remembering that it is currently only possible to link your Free Fire account to only one platform or social network.

Other news from the FF 2023 update

Other news from the next Free Fire update in 2023 will be anticipated on Friday, December 23, 2022, through the Advanced Server APK.