Free Fire Gold Shooter in Brazil: Tucano Man Set (March 2023)

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Garena Free Fire announced the new event called Atirador de Ouro for this month of  March 2023. The event starts on Monday (13/03) and will be valid until 19/03/23.

The main items of the Gold Shooter event are:

  • Toucan Man Set.

The event works as if it were a roulette wheel, here reproduced as the drum of a gun. The drum has five items in each round, each turn, treated as “Shoot” will initially cost 49 diamonds.

On the first, second and third attempts players will have up to 70% discount.

The game works as follows:

  • Use diamonds to shoot targets and get rewards;
  • Each time you try to shoot, you can get 1 reward from the drum, and that reward will be removed from the drum so that another random prize from the list of prizes on the right will take its place;
  • Prizes for each shot will be removed before the next shot so you don’t have duplicate prizes;
  • The event ends when all rewards have been collected from the drum;

The chances of winning different levels of prizes are as follows (according to in-game levels):

  • Purple: 21%
  • Blue: 79%