FF Leaks: Free Fire Brazil receives the Stacking Awards event, when will it come to india

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This  Monday, December 20th, Free Fire, as part of Frifas’ New Year, receives the Stacking Awards event. Available until December 26th, players have a variety of items to claim. The main prize will be the new Aztec Eagle Set. It will be necessary to spend diamonds to try your luck.

In this new edition the event will be bringing two new sets, they are:

  • Aztec Eagle Set;
  • Foquita set;
  • Sweet Beard Mask.

About Stacking Free Fire Prizes

There are five rows with different rewards. It is necessary to get the key in the current line to collect the special prize of the line and unlock the next level. It is possible to choose between trying to release a prize, which costs 9 diamonds, or the whole row for 36 diamonds.

When buying the row, the player has a 20% discount on the total value of 45 diamonds. In addition, another discount is applied for the next row in the pyramid.

  • 1st attempt: 20% off
  • 2nd attempt: 30% off
  • 3rd attempt: 25% off
  • 4th attempt: 20% off