Free Fire Booyah pass march 2023 available in Brazil server

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Garena will launch the second season of the Booyah Pass on Free Fire next Wednesday, March 1, 2023. The Booyah Pass will be called the “Bionic Troop”. For this, the company that owns the battle royale released some skins and information for players.

The developer showed some cosmetics that can be obtained by players as the main reward called Project Aether package (Female) and Project Qualia package (Male).

In addition, there are other items available in the Booyah Pass such as a backpackemote and the new character Mandacaru.

About the Booyah Pass

The new pass will no longer have badges, players will need EXP to be able to unlock the rewards present in the pass when leveling up by completing missions or earning diamonds in Free Fire.

Rewards can even be given to players who are not Booyah Pass subscribers, as it will have three versions and one of them will be free. Check it out below:

  • Booyah Free Pass : Free Rewards;
  • Booyah Premium Pass : Top Rewards;
  • Booyah Premium Plus Pass : Top rewards and exclusive prizes.