Free Fire Advanced Server March 2023: register and download APK Advance FF 66.31.0

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Every time Free Fire developers are going to release a major update, they provide an  Advanced Server where it allows players to test features of this major update to report bugs if any and player feedback is considered. This way developers make as many fixes as possible before the major update is released.

The next March Advanced Server will be launched on March 10, 2023, on Free Fire. Mobile players will be able to log in using the activation code.

The FF Advanced Server download  will be released to users next Friday, March 10, 2023. To access it, you must have the activation code  to enter the Free Fire Advanced Server APK.

All progress made on the server will not be carried over to the real game. Check below in this guide how to register and download and enjoy the new features.

How to Register and Register on the Free Fire Advanced Server March 202

Step 1:  Access the link:

Step 2 : Click on the “ Login With Facebook ” button

Step 3:  Fill in the requested information

Step 4 : Your registration has been completed for  Advanced Server 2023. Wait for  the APK download to be approved and released.


FF 2023 Advanced Server Calendar

Check out the Free Fire Advanced Servercalendar in 2023 below:

  • Registration and Enrollment: March 2nd to 9th, 2023;
  • APK Download : March 210, 2023;
  • APK Termination : Undisclosed;
  • APK version : FFadv_66.31.0_BR.apk;
  • Size : 700 to 800MB.

How to Download Free Fire Advanced Server in March 2023

Check below the step by step to download the March Advanced Server:

  • Step 1 : Access the official website  of the Free Fire Advanced Server.
  • Step 2 : Log in  with Facebook  to sign up for the server.
  • Step 3 : Click on the  Free Fire Advanced Server APK file and download it to your device.

Activation Code Free Fire Advanced Server 2023

Free Fire Advanced Server Activation Codesor   CDK  are  provided to a limited number of players after registration, and to obtain them it is necessary to access the Advanced Server. You will use the unique numbering to activate the  Advance APK  and grant access.

Free Fire Advanced Server FAQ

What is the Free Fire Advanced Server?

The Advanced Server is a test server for players to have the opportunity to test new features that have not yet been released in Free Fire.

Bug Hunting and Opinion

The Advanced Server is a test server, so we ask players to report any bugs they find. In order to solve the bug, we need a video or a very clear image of the problem (if it is a movement bug, for example, the image would not be enough). Remember to host the image on a public platform, so our agents can check. Also, we want to know what players are thinking about the new features


Use the activation code to access the Advanced Server. There is a limited number of codes. Speak your registration to receive it.

How to get Free Fire Advanced Server activation code for free

There is no way to access the Free Fire Advance Server without having the activation code. Therefore, it is crucial that you register with the Advanced Server when the registration window opens, as Advanced Server codes are limited. Many players who register for Free Fire Advance Server access may not get the activation code.

Will Garena delete the Free Fire account if you get access to the  Free Fire Advanced Server ?

Fortunately, anyone registering with the Free FireAdvance Server will not lose their Garena Free Fire account. The company made it clear that the user will keep his Free Fire account, even if he can test using the Advance Server.

I got an error message and I can’t login when installing the Server APK

Probably the Server is full, as the Advanced Server has a user limit. Wait and try again later.

Will the Free Fire Advanced Server be deleted?

Yes, Garena deletes accounts when the period ends. But don’t worry, you will be able to play on the official server.

How to update FF Advanced Server?

When you download the new version of Advance, the APK will already be up to date.

How to download the Free Fire Advanced Server?

You can download the APK from Garena’s Advance website.

How to be on the Free Fire Advanced Server?

Apply during the posted registration period. Garena will grant access so that you can then download the APK.

How to enter FF Advanced Server?

Use the Free Fire login data to be able to enter the Advanced Server.