FF OB39 update Patch Notes Leaked: Know Everything

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With the upcoming free fire OB39 update just around the corner, Garena has shared the patch notes on their official website. It provides a detailed insight into what is lined up for the players in terms of new additions and changes in the coming days.

The character system has undergone substantial changes, while quite a few abilities have been balanced and reworked as well. Moreover, the popular Bermuda map has received an overhaul. Several modes will also be introduced in the game to further enhance players’ engagement.

Note: The Free Fire OB39 patch notes have been translated from Indonesian, so there may be some discrepancies.

Free Fire OB39 patch notes

Here are the Free Fire OB39 update patch notes.

Character and Pets

Changes to character and pet mechanics

  • Players can obtain all characters using Gold.
  • Character and Pet Skills are instantly at the highest level.
  • Changing characters will only affect appearance, and users can change the skills using preset.

Changes to the Character System

  • Characters page now features a Preset customization section.
  • Players can bind Presets to specific to some modes.
  • LINK system will no longer be available.

Changes to the Pet System

  • Pet System will now part of the Character page itself.
  • Pet level changed from 7 to 4.

Easier Character Awakening:

  • Players can get mission progress just by using the skills of the character.
  • Less Gold will be required for mission refresh.

New character – Orion

Orion (Crimson Crush)

  • EP will be replaced with 300 Crimson Energy.
  • 150 Crimson Energy can be consumed to activate protection, where players cannot take damage or attack enemies and will absorb 15 HP from all enemies within 5 m.
  • Lasts for 3 seconds and has a cooldown time of 3 seconds.

Character Awakened – Alvaro

Alvaro (Split Blitz)

  • 1 second before exploding, the grenade will split into 3 extra grenades.
  • These will deal 30% of the original damage.

Character Change

Xayne (Xtreme Encounter)

  • Players will gain a temporary 50 HP for 8 seconds.
  • During this time, the healing effect will increase by 75%.
  • Cooldown also equals 75 seconds.

Otho (Memory Mis)

  • After eliminating the enemy, the ability will tag enemies within 20m and slow their movement by 25%.
  • It will last for 4 seconds.

Dasha (Partying On)

  • After eliminating enemies, players enter Highlight mode.
  • Rate of fire is increased by 18% and movement speed is increased by 12% but decreases quickly.
  • During Highlight mode, taking down an enemy will increase rate of fire by 4% and movement speed by 3%.

Ford (Iron Will)

  • When players take damage, they will recover 10 HP/s for 3s.
  • It has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Character Balance Changes

Kenta (Swordsman’s Wraith)

  • It forms a 5m wide shield, which reduces 60% damage of weapons coming from the front.
  • It lasts 5 seconds and has a cooldown time of 70 seconds.

Alok (Drop the Beat)

  • The ability generates 5m aura which can increase movement speed by 15%.
  • Players will gain 3 HP for 10 seconds, and it has a cooldown time of 45 seconds.

Battle Royale

Missions in match

  • In-game missions will appear during matches in Free Fire.
  • Some matches will have a hidden mission, and the corresponding mission will start automatically after the mission is completed.

Super Revival

  • New Super Revival Card in the Vending Machine which costs 600 FF Coins.
  • Use it to revive friends and they will get Armor Lv. 2 and UMP.

Map Changes

Mill (Clash Squad)

  • Yellow ladder has been moved to ensure a safer route.
  • The wheel which allows to jump onto the roof has been eliminated.
  • More hiding places have been added downstairs.

Pochinok (Clash Squad)

  • A hiding place in the empty area in the center has been added.
  • Buildings have been brought closer together to add new battle strategies.

Map Structure Optimization

Guard Tower changes

  • The metal panels have been replaced with studs that allow you to shoot.
  • Reduced the height of the Guard Tower to prevent damage from falling from the Guard Tower.

Other Modes

Pet Smash (Will be availale later)

  • Players can choose 1 of 3 pets to fight in the new Pet Smash mode in Free Fire. Each pet has a unique play style and ultimate.
  • Game is 2v2 mode.
  • Players earn points through elimination.
  • Hitting enemies will add energy to the players ultimate.

Triple Wolves

  • 6 rounds of 2v2v2 or 1v1v1 fights.
  • Each player has the opportunity to choose a weapon for all players to use in each round.
  • Matches take place in the Lone Wolf winter themed map.

Optimization of Coin Clash mode

  • Optimized the respawn mechanism.
  • After respawning, players will get all weapons and items that they had before being eliminated.

Lone Wolf Cup (Will be availale later)

  • Lone Wolf added to FFC Cup.
  • Users will play 3 rounds of 1v1 matches against 7 other players.


Optimized Weapon Glory Leaderboard

  • New sub-divisions and titles in the Weapon Glory Leaderboard.

Optimization of Clash Squad Protection Points

  • The upper limit of CS-Ranked Protection Points is no longer 100. If points exceed the required number, players will get extra Protection Points.

CS Ranked Daily Mission

  • Get Protection Points for your first CS-Ranked Booyah.
  • Complete CS-Ranked Daily Missions to earn Rank Tokens.

Map Pool Changes

The Free Fire BR-Ranked and CS-Ranked map pools have been updated. Maps that will be available are:

  • Bermuda
  • NeXTerra
  • Purgatory
  • Alpine

Map Protections

  • Every weekend, there will be one map that will not reduce points! (Except Bermuda).

Replay Function Optimzation

  • Minimum requirements for Replay: 64 bits minimum and 1GB RAM.
  • Video Watching Optimization.
  • Pause function is now available.
  • Match Achievements.
  • Lobby Record.

Game Environment

Game Environment Optimization

  • Players who modify game files will receive a warning and will lead to a harsher penalty if ignored
  • Toxic behavior warning optimization
  • Optimization of the reporting system
  • Optimization of voicechat reporting

Weapons and Balances in Free Fire

Indicator Garnet

  • Optimization of visual indicators, and you will hear a grenade flare when an enemy fires a grenade

Rifle adjustments

  • M14-I: Rate of Fire -5%, M14-II: Rate of Fire -5%, and M14-III: Rate of Fire -5%
  • Famas-I: Third bullet DMG +8%, Famas-II: Third bullet DMG +8%, and Famas-III: Third bullet DMG +15%
  • Scar-I: Rate of fire -3%, Scar-II: Rate of fire -3%, and Scar-III: Rate of fire -3%

SMG adjustments

  • UMP: Muzzle cannot be used
  • P90: Damage +10%, accuracy +20%, built-in Silencer

Marksman Rifle adjustments

  • AC80: Damage +20%, effective headshot range -20%
  • Woodpecker: Effective range of headshot -20%

Shotgun adjustments

  • M1887: Damage -10%, Distance -25%

Pistol adjustments

  • M500: Effective headshot range -20%

Sniper adjustments

  • M24: Penetrate Gloo Wall to deal 40% damage to enemies (like M82B), double the normal damage to Gloo Wall.


  • Katana: Higher damage to Gloo Wall
  • Bat: Movement speed +5%

Clash Squad Price Changes in Free Fire

  • SVD: 2000 – 2400
  • MAC10: 1500 – 1600
  • AK: 1800 – 1400
  • UMP: 1600 – 1500
  • P90: 1300 – 1700
  • MAG-7: 1700 – 1600
  • AC80: 1900 – 2000
  • Woodpecker: 1900 – 2000
  • XM8: 1600 – 1500


Changes in loadout items

Clash Squad:

  • Bonfire
  • Scanner
  • Bounty Token
  • Supply Crate
  • Secret Clue

Battle Royale:

  • Bonfire
  • Airdrop
  • Leg Pocket
  • Secret Clue

Voice Chat Group

  • Exclusive voice chat for group

Auto-Aim optimization for fallen enemies

  • If you’re aiming at an enemy that has already been downed, it’s now easier to shift your aim and transfer to nearby enemy.

Cannot jump over Gloo Walls

  • While on top of a Gloo Wall, a notifcation saying that you cannot jump will appear after you click on the jump button.

Other Changes in Free Fire

  • Changed Rafael’s skill description
  • UI optimization for Battle Royale and Clash Squad result pages
  • Item wheel optimization to make it easier to use
  • Optimization of Settings page to make it easier to understand


  • Join Mid Game
  • Craftland Download Center Optimization
  • New Maps to play Craftland
  • Optimization of Playing Experience on Several Maps
  • Other Optimization

You can read the complete patch notes for the Free Fire OB39 update here!

Note: Due to government-imposed restrictions, Indian players are advised to refrain from playing Free Fire. Instead, they may enjoy the same set of features in the Free Fire MAX.