Crimson Soma and other leaked Free Fire OB39 Gloo Wall Skins

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Free Fire is one of the top-rated gaming titles across the globe. It’s played by thousands of players on different servers, with regular updates making the overall gameplay even more immersive. Developers have added lots of interesting in-game dynamics like gloo wall grenades, which help one get an instant cover of a wall.

Players can also equip various skins on their gloo walls to make them look more shiny and eye-catching. With the new OB39 update released, the community is expecting lots of exciting skins to be launched. Recently, popular data miner NOOBFF_69 has leaked various upcoming gloo wall skins in the OB39 update of the title. Players can get their hands on these cool gloo wall skins as soon as the developers start releasing them in-game.

Free Fire OB39 Gloo Wall skins leaked: Crimson Soma, Festiwall, and more

Many of the leaked gloo wall skins feature colorful animations which are fantastic. However, players are advised not to blindly trust these leaks as most skins are data mined. Ultimately, it depends on Garena’sofficials to decide which skins to release.

Here is a list of all the leaked Free Fire gloo wall skins in the Instagram Post:

  • Weathered Runestone Gloo Wall
  • Crimson Soma Gloo Wall
  • Ecstatic Explosion Gloo Wall
  • Festiwall Gloo Wall
  • Desert Reptile Gloo Wall
  • Bouncy Igloo Gloo Wall
  • Cyberdelic Gloo Wall
  • OGSuperhero Gloo Wall

The leaked post also shows that all gloo wall skins are priced at 899 diamonds. Gamers should keep in mind that the data-mined leaks have a lot of glitches and the prices shown might not be accurate. Developers can release the skins in different events for players to unlock with diamonds or complete in-game tasks to receive them for free in the OB39 version.

Here are some of the rarest gloo walls to enjoy in Free Fire:

1) Gloo Ramp

Gloo Ramp is one of the most useful gloo wall skins in Free Fire. The purple skin features a Halloween-based theme. Gamers can make use of the small size of the gloo wall skin as a stair to climb various buildings and take a high-ground advantage to eliminate more opponents.

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2) Hayato The Guardian

Hayato The Guardian is one of the fan-favorite gloo wall skins in Free Fire. The aesthetically pleasing blue color of the skin is quite distinct, making it a rare sight in the battlegrounds. Developers released the skin during the Midnight Samurai event in previous updates. The Samurai holding a sword in the middle of the skin is one of its most attractive features.

3) Nuclear Bunker

Nuclear Bunker is one of the rarest gloo wall skins and was initially released in 2020. The realistic build of the gloo wall looks very significant. Players can easily cover most of their bodies behind the gloo wall skin due to its large size. Many are awaiting the developers to re-release the gloo wall skin to equip it and use it in matches for better gameplay.

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Note: Due to government-imposed restrictions, Indian players are advised to refrain from playing Free Fire. Instead, they may enjoy the same features in Free Fire MAX.