Call Back Free Fire Brazil: Call Friends and Earn Rewards (December 2022)

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Garena  announced for this  Saturday (12/24/2022) the new edition of the “Call Back Free Fire” challenge, where players will receive missions to collect various items, such as Frifas New Year’s Packs and Magic Cube Fragments.

The 2022 Chamar de Volta FF event will take place from December 24 to 31, 2022, running until 03:59 am (Brasília time).

Check out more about the event and the walkthrough for the Call Back mission in Free Fire below:

Call Back Free Fire: How it works

The Call Back  event exists to make players invite friends or players who have been without logging into Free Fire for 7 days or more to play again. Both players who invite and guests receive free items.

Users who invite players have goals and rewards. Up to 99 Incubator Tickets  and Diamond Royale tickets  are awarded by getting a single friend feedback. Check out the list of all the rewards:

Check out the goals and rewards players will earn below:

  • Recall 1 friend: 2x Frifas New Year Packs and 3x Rubik’s Cube Fragments;
  • Recall 3 friends: 3x Frifas New Year Packs and 3x Rubik’s Cube Fragments;
  • Recall 5 friends: 5x Frifas New Year Packs and 3x Rubik’s Cube Fragments.

Call Back Free Fire: How to Participate

Check below how to participate in the  Call Back Free Fire challenge :

  • Step 1 : Go to the Events tab. Click on the  “Call your Topa” tab .
  • Step 2:  Click on the “ Call Back ” tab
  • Step 3:  A window will pop up displaying a list of friends that can be invited. Click the “ Invite ” button
  • Step 4:  Now you will have to  copy the link  of an automatic message that will have your  ID together . Send this message  to  friends who haven’t logged in for at least 7 days
  • Step 5:  Upon reaching the goal, you will be able to collect the reward by logging into your account.