Burger King® launches Free Fire themed store on Avenida Paulista

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The chain once again bets on gamer territory with iconic settings from the game’s universe in the store, in addition to creating a themed combo in a limited edition.

Burger King® announces its newest immersive experience campaign in partnership with Free Fire, Garena‘s battle royale mobile game . The action promises to leave game fans dazzled with thematic areas inspired by the game.

Starting today, March 1st, the restaurant at the intersection of Av. Paulista with Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, in São Paulo, will be completely transformed into the universe of Free Fire, one of the biggest electronic mobile action and survival games of the battle royale genre in the world, with the external façade reminiscent of a large drop box, a direct reference to the item from the game.

Get the Free Fire experience at the Burger King® store

Created by the DM9 agency , in partnership with the Garena team , the setting was completely planned so that consumers and fans of the game feel that they are inside the game itself and that they have the opportunity to experience incredible and immersive experiences, with the floors of the store 100% personalized with the Free Fire theme.

The ground floor was transformed into the game’s famous waiting room, for people to feel like real characters while waiting for the battle to start, with the order totems transformed into the Vending Machines present in the game and the stairs to the first floor set and personalized as if were the inner part of the plane present in the game, where the game starts.

On the first floor, a realistic setting will bring a parachute for fans to take pictures and imagine that they are “jumping” to the departure area. Moving on to the other environments, it is possible to imagine yourself inside the famous and traditional Bermuda map, with game scenography, such as the Factory and Observatory. On the second floor, there will be some themed environments from the well-known Kalahari map, such as, for example, the Elephant Cemetery and the Guarita.

Amazing new additions to the menu

In addition to all the ambiance of the restaurant and rewards in the game in order to make the consumer even more immersed in the partnership, Burger King® also launches the Free Fire combo, composed of the Booyah Burger – orange bread with paprika and black sesame, the Sundae Pisante – made of vanilla-flavored dough with a blueberry-flavored syrup that “warms” in the mouth, and Chicken – a side dish made up of pieces of breaded chicken, crunchy and mildly seasoned, in a new format with a cheddar-flavored filling. Releases and in-store activation will be available through the end of April.

When purchasing the complete combo, players will receive “ codiguins” with rewards, included in the order invoice. To redeem their reward, the player must enter Garena’s rewards website, login by choosing the same method used in the game itself, enter the code and wait from 30 minutes to 24 hours for the special items to appear in the Vault. Free Fire.

Check the values ​​of the releases:

  • Complete Free Fire Combo : BRL 44.90 via the counter and BRL 42.90 via Click and Collect;
  • Free Fire Combo without Pisante Sundae : BRL 39.90 via the counter and BRL 37.90 via Click and Collect;
  • Booyah Burger sandwich (single) : R$33.90 at the counter;
  • Chicken (single) : R$ 13.90 at the counter;
  • Sundae Pisante (single) : R$ 11.90 at the counter;
  • Complete Free Fire Combo + side dish (medium potato or medium Onion Rings) : BRL 44.90 via exclusive offer on BK Drive;
  • Free Fire combo without Sundae Pisante + side dish (medium potato or medium Onion Rings) : BRL 39.90 via exclusive offer on BK Drive.

Experience Burger King® also on Free Fire with in-game content

In addition to experiencing the various Free Fire environments at the Burger King® store, players will also be able to see this partnership within the game through the themed plane before the clashes, in personalized drop boxes with the restaurant’s visual identity and the mushrooms that will be used. replaced by Burger King® sandwiches. In addition, special missions have been created for the partnership, and by completing these missions, players will be able to claim free rewards.

Burger King® actions on Free Fire start today, March 1st, and players will be able to participate in themed events, such as the #BKnoFreeFire Banquete de Booyahs, in which it will be possible to receive rewards by eating the hamburgers that are on the map .

From April 3rd to 27th, the #BKnoFreeFire Burger Energized event comes to the game. With it, the player can earn themed tokens when logging in to the game, accumulate more than 10 minutes in a match or neutralize two enemies in matches. Rewards for players who complete actions include pieces of the Cashier Girl Set, a skin that will be available as a free in-game reward.