Awakened Alvaro will be available in Free Fire’s OB39 update

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As Free Fire’s OB39 update nears its release date, Garena has revealed the Awakened version of Alvaro, which will arrive with that patch. This will be the fifth Awakened character to appear in the game, with the other ones being Kelly, Hayato, Moco, and Andrew.

The entity was initially tested on the OB39 Advance Server alongside many other features and adjustments related to characters, the battle royale and clash squad modes, and general gameplay. The following section will provide an overview of the available details regarding Awakened Alvaro.


Awakened Alvaro will be available in Free Fire’s

OB39 update

An Awakened entity is an upgraded form of an original character featuring an ability different from the one associated with the latter. The upcoming character will be Alvaro “Rageblast” and feature a skill called Split Blitz that will come into effect while using the grenades.

The details officially available indicate that when this ability is in effect, these projectiles will split into a few before exploding, thus dealing extra damage to opponents. Garena is yet to confirm the specifics of the ability, but since it was tested on the OB39 Advance Server, players have a broad idea of its exact effect.

On the Free Fire Advance Server, Split Blitz splits the grenades into three just one second before they detonate, “which can cause 30% damage of its original.” However, this ability may not be available in the same form upon Awakened Alvaro’s release, as the developers occasionally change features prior to the release of such updates.

Furthermore, Garena has scheduled a trailer for Alvaro’s Awakening on March 31, 2023, revealing the story behind it — similar to previously available options. At the moment, no details about the entity’s release are available. However, it’s safe to say that this inclusion will be part of OB39 update to be released on March 22 after the maintenance.

Once the Awakened form is available in Free Fire, all those players who own the original character will have the option to complete a predetermined set of missions using Alvar to earn the Awakening Emblems. These tokens can be subsequently utilized to Awaken the character and use its passive ability.

Besides this inclusion, Garena will bring several changes to the character system in the OB39 update. For instance, players can get the entities after the patch using Gold. Moreover, irrespective of the level, all skills will have the same impact. Also, the option of presets will make it easier to switch between the characters.

Note: Due to government-imposed restrictions, Indian players are advised not to play Free Fire or the Advance Server. However, they may find the same features in the MAX version after the launch of the update.