Alpine map Return of the Free Fire Ranked mode: Know Everything

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Map will be available after the Free Fire update scheduled for next today (22).

Garena has confirmed, exclusively for Free Fire News Portal, that the Alpine map will be back in the Free Fire rankings. The novelty will arrive along with the new Free Fire update on March 22, 2023.

Although it was released in January 2022, Alpine is the most recent Free Fire map and has features that attract players, such as trains, helicopter, mountains, military base, ship, wind energy, new textures and exclusive buildings that are different from the others. maps present in Battle Royale.

In contact with the developers, they stated that 4 (four) maps will be available in Free Fire ranked:

“Alpine is back in map options in ranked modes. Let’s play on this fun map!”

Map options for Ranked Battle Royale and Ranked Contra Squad have been updated.

Maps that will be available after the Free Fire March 2023 update :

  • shorts
  • New Earth
  • Purgatory
  • alpine

About the Free Fire Alpine map

Alpine is a fully immersive styled map.

Alpine Map Cities in Free Fire

During the exploration of the new Free Fire Alpine map, we can observe a very large variation in the cities and details scattered in the new map, differing a lot from the pattern adopted in the existing maps and even containing a possible reference to the Counter Strike game, with the city in a train station.


  • Railroad : Town in a Train Station
  • Vantage : Town on a Military Base
  • Dock : City in a Port
  • SnowFall : City with snow
  • Carousel : City in a Park
  • Fusion : Asian-themed city

Other news:

  • Stadium with basketball court
  • Tunnel
  • Ship
  • Pub
  • Wind Generators
  • breakable fences
  • New decorative vehicles
  • new construction

Alpine map in real life

Like the other Battle Royale maps, Alpine exists in real life and is a region located in the US state of California, in San Diego County.

The place is surrounded by mountains, lakes and there is snow most of the year.

Alpine is the fifth Free Fire map, which already features Bermuda, Purgatório, Kalahari and Bermuda 2.0.