Call Back Event Free Fire 2022, tool share ID and help do missions

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Calling Back Free Fire is a very expressive event in Garena’s Battle Royale, because it gives players the opportunity to receive a box that can hold up to 29,999 diamonds, also including other cosmetic items that can be earned in the boxes after calling an inactive account from back to the game.


In order to help players, the Free Fire Mania website brings an incredible news to speed up this process, as it is possible to include the ID in the tool below so that users can help each other.

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Call back Free Fire 2022: tool discloses ID to do event missions

Initially, players must disclose their ID in the tool below, so other people can help them by clicking on their link, the ID will be saved in the website file and millions of users will have access.

Your ID:

ID Added to:
 1991915780 56 seconds ago
 197659375 48 seconds ago
 940345143 3 seconds ago
 2147483647 7 seconds ago
 206475685 4 seconds ago
 2147483647 3 seconds ago
 1308561287 7 seconds ago
 293528968 8 seconds ago
 2147483647 4 seconds ago
 307025961 more than 1 minute
 782789629 48 seconds ago
 788750335 2 seconds ago
 400675221 3 seconds ago
 84076272 21 seconds ago
 2147483647 more than 1 minute
 2147483647 16 seconds ago
 2147483647 4 seconds ago
 330752536 19 seconds ago
 307025961 8 seconds ago
 213221589 13 seconds ago


Learn how to use the Flame Back tool in Free Fire :

  • Players must enter the ID in the text field to be disclosed in the tool;
  • Then they must choose a link from the list to click to help other users;
  • Finally, if you want to repeat the process, just refresh the page;

Remember that players also get rewards for helping friends, so clicking on one of the links in the list above is critical to guaranteeing all of the event’s rewards.


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As a result, the inclusion of the ID in the ” Flame Back ” tool will cause the player to be helped by thousands of other players. Also, the more times the ID is released, the faster the event will complete. Note that IDs must be part of accounts that are at least 15 days old.

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