720 Free Fire Pet Names, best stylish names For Pets

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Pets serve to give players extra abilities, as well as character abilities, they can be decisive during a battle! The animals first arrived in the January 22, 2019 update, it was the first time that the characters have a companion in battles and it is also possible to put a name on the pet.

The names should be used for the Pets: Black Panther , Dog Mechanical , Kitty , Panda , Shiba , Robot , Lontreta , Poring , Falcon , Sun Pisante , Dom Pisante , Punkin and Silver Fox .

Pet Free Fire Names

First of all, this is the best list of Free Fire Pet names and in addition, players can enjoy new ideas based on the initial names. Click the button and it will generate 30 custom and creative names for your Pet, if necessary, click the red “More Pet Names” button to generate 20 more male and female names!

Name Name
Cuica Bores
Web Crackling
Suzi Jung
Bass Vox
Oh well Younger
Tuff Paris
Belinha Cyborg
Bores Velvet
Bruce Titav
Bores Dicky
Prisla Rafa
Dolly Shirra
Xandra Gabo
Katucha World
Kojak Dragon
Cris Welma
Ramona Swedish
Rob Yagi
Thayguer Melody
Lion Mussum


How to change the Pet’s Name in Free Fire?

The first name change of the Pet is free, however, the next changes will cost 200 diamonds. To change the Pet’s name in Free Fire, follow the steps:

1. Open the Free Fire application and on the game’s home screen click on “PET”, on the left menu:

2. On the next screen, choose which PET you want to change the name of and click on the box with the Pet’s name:

3. Finally, choose the new name in the “New Nickname” field:

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