Big update in New State Mobile, changed the style of Troi Map

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The new June update went live this month in New State Mobile, which improves the Troi map. Let us know what changes we will get to see in the new version of the game.


The new 0.9.33 update has gone live this month in New State Mobile. With this, many new features have gone live in the game, new weapon customization has been added, the Troi map has been improved and many bugs of the game have been fixed.

New State Mobile has also released a video of the patch notes of 0.9.33. You can watch this clip below. Let us know what changes we will get to see in the new version of the game. 


New State Mobile 0.9.33 Update

New Weapon Customization: The new version of the game adds a laser light to the Micro UZI [C2]. With this attachment, the deviation in hip fire and shoulder shooting will increase and vertical recoil will decrease. Along with this, the barrel of the M16A4 [C2] has been improved here, followed by increased burst fire rate, unlocked the grip slot and reduced vertical recoil control.

Troi Map Changes: In the new version of the game, a lot of changes have been made to the Troi map, the highlight of which is Terrain Improvement. In this map, hills have been added at places and the entire area has been rugged.

Hot Time Bonus: Hot Time Bonus has been added for the players in the new version of New State Mobile. With its help, you will get bonus tier points. Before the match starts, you will be able to see which map the Hot Time Bonus is running on. On Monday it will be present on every map.

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New State Mobile June Update


Weapon Equip Speed: Weapon Equip Speed ​​has been increased in the game. The equipment speed of SMG guns has increased by 35 to 50 percent and the equipment speed of other weapons has increased by 10 to 15 percent.

Along with the major changes mentioned above, more minor changes have been made in New State Mobile. There have been changes in the damages of many guns. Grenade Launcher can now be added to the M16A4 and L85A3. In addition, healing items can be used while driving. The feature of finding lines and teams has also been improved in the game.