Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) Free Fire Uid, Face, And Biography

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire uid is 451012596, and its in-game nickname is “ajjubhai94”. His in game level is 75 and has 48907 profile likes.

Ajjubhai, also known as Total Gaming, is a popular Indian Free Fire content creatorand gamer . Ajjubhai is quite famous for his YouTube channel, the name of his YouTube channel is Total Gaming, currently his YouTube channel is Has 3.48 crore subscribers. He uploads gameplay videos of Free Fire as well as other mobile and PC games on this YouTube channel.

Ajjubhai is known for his exceptional gameplay skills, voice and entertaining commentary. He has also participated in various Free Fire tournaments and won many of them. Ajjubhai is considered one of the most influential Free Fire players in India.

Introduction of Ajjubhai

There will be no player of Garena Free Fire Max who does not know ajjubhai, because ajjubhai is the most popular player of Free Fire Max till date.

You can judge his popularity from his YouTube channel only, because ajjubhai has more than 37.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. That means, more than 3.78 crore fans have subscribed to his YouTube channel.

Ajjubhai’s real name is Ajendra Variya. He is just 21 years old and hails from Surat city of Gujarat state, India.

His special thing is that he did not reveal his face for 5 years and has created the world’s largest Free Fire YouTube channel just on the basis of his voice.

Ajjubhai has been playing Free Fire for the last 5 years, he has achieved 37.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel in just 3 years. Is for.

Ajjubhai is such a famous Free Fire player that other players are eager to know its Free Fire Uid, if you too Ajjubhai’s Free Fire UIDAnd if you want to know about its gameplay profile then keep reading this post further.

Ajjubhai Free Fire Uid, Gameplay Profile and More

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire Uid is 451012596 and his in-game nickname is Ajjubhai94. He mostly plays 1 vs 4 full map games. You can see Ajjubhai’s Free Fire Uid profile below.

Ajjubhai has played a total of 12921 squad, 1838 duo, and 1053 solo full map games so far. You can see the gameplay profile photos of these three types below.

Ajjubhai Solo Gameplay Profile

Ajjubhai has played a total of 1053 full map solo games so far, out of which he has won 95 games and eliminated a total of 2699 enemies.

Total Games 1053
Win 95
Eliminated Enemies 2699

Ajjubhai Duo Gameplay Profile

Ajjubhai has played a total of 1838 full map solo games so far, out of which he has won 358 games and eliminated a total of 7314 enemies.

Total Games 1838
Win 358
Eliminated Enemies 7314

Ajjubhai Squad Gameplay Profile

Ajjubhai mostly plays squad games, hence the number of squad gameplay is high, till now he has played total 12921 squad games in which he has been successful in winning 3079 games by eliminating total 50081 enemies.

Total Games 12921
Win 3079
Eliminated Enemies 50081

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Total Gaming face and real name

Following its public release, the video swiftly attracted over 3.5 million viewers, 900,000 likes, and 250,000 comments (as of now), underscoring Total Gaming’s immense popularity. In the video caption, Ajendra Variya expressed the significance of the moment, inviting viewers into his gaming world.

Grateful for the support, he acknowledged feeling a bit nervous but thanked his audience for their unwavering presence on this remarkable journey. Notable Indian influencers such as Desi Gamers and The Rawknee Games have responded to the video. Interestingly, just a few days ago, he admitted to being too nervous to reveal his face.

Ajjubhai Free Fire Uid FAQ

What is AJJU Bhai ID number?

Ajjubhai का Free Fire Id number 451012596 है।

Who is Ajjubhai?

Ajjubhai, also known as Total Gaming, is one of the most popular Free Fire content creator and gamer from India.

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