You would not have seen such a super rare backpack in Garena Free Fire, know what is special in it

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A top-up event was added to Free Fire during the Money Heist crossover, where players were getting a free Ice Feather Katana skin and Raoring Bandana when they bought Diamonds. This event ended on 12th December and now a new top-up event has started in its place. At this event, you can get the Beaston Backpack and Pet Skin: Skull Beaston for free. Let us know about it in detail.



Today, December 23th, Free Fire has a new top up event — Beaston Back pack Top Up — live. This event will run till December 17 in the game. Here you will get free rewards for buying Diamonds including a very special backpack – Beaston Backpack. 

USP: Beaston Backpack is an animated backpack. Its animation is activated when the player runs continuously or when the anime is finished. It’s a beast sitting on a banana, which looks like a gun. Its fire will not harm any anime, but it looks quite right to see. To get it, you have to top-up a certain number of diamonds. The number of diamonds and the details of the reward are written below.

  • 100 Diamond: Pet Skin: Skull Beaston
  • 300 Diamond: Beaston Backpack

Keep in mind that these rewards will be available for free on top-up diamonds, but you will have to spend real money to buy diamonds. The diamond rate list is given below:

  • 100 Diamonds: Rs 80
  • 310 Diamonds: Rs 250
  • 520 Diamonds: Rs 400
  • 1,060 diamonds: Rs 800
  • 2,180 Diamonds: Rs 1,600
  • 5,600 Diamonds: Rs 4,000


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Apart from this top up event, Free Fire currently has a lot of events related to Money Heist, by participating in which you can win tons of rewards. These include the Let’s Pan Again event, where you can get rewards like Diamond Royale Voucher, Gold Royale Voucher and Swagger Ownage FAMAS Crate including Backpack – Team Heist. Here you have to complete missions and earn dice rolls, after which you will get Gold Bars. You can redeem these for items at the end.

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