You will easily reach Heroic rank in Free Fire MAX, just don’t forget to make these mistakes

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Read this article if you want to reach Heroic rank easily and quickly in Free Fire MAX. Here are some of the mistakes players make.

Most players in Free Fire MAX want to reach the Heroic rank. However, it is not an easy thing to do. Players have to face many difficulties to reach this rank. Many players do not reach this rank even after having better skills and strategy. If you also want to reach Heroic Rank by performing better then read this article. Here are some such mistakes that players should avoid. 


Avoid These Mistakes to Reach Heroic Rank in Free Fire MAX

Very Aggressive Gameplay 

Aggressive playstyle sometimes proves to be good for the players, but it is not necessary that it is always right. Many a times, due to aggressive playstyle, gamers do not pay attention to their strategy and start moving ahead without any thought. Doing so can be a loss-making deal. For this reason, avoid using a more aggressive playstyle. 


Not keeping proper coordination with teammates

Playing with a team in Free Fire Max can be rewarding. However, this is not always the case. Teammates often fail to follow any instructions. A team can win only when everyone fights together. For this, all the people involved in the team have to maintain good coordination with each other.


wrong character combination

To win the game in Free Fire MAX it is very important to have good character combinations. It is very important to have a good ability character to win ranked matches. Most of the players fail to make the right combination. They either use abilities they don’t need or aren’t right for their gameplay. For this reason, before selecting a character, understand well what ability you need.


not playing regular

One of the biggest mistakes people make in the gaming world during a ranked match of Free Fire Max is not playing the game consistently. Players do not start playing at the beginning of the new season. To reach the Heroic Rank, the player must play continuously and from the beginning.


landing at hot drop location

In this popular battle royale game, the aim of the players in any ranked match is to get kills. With this objective in mind, players focus on landing in the hot-drop zone. As soon as they enter the hot drop zone, players have to face many enemies and are more likely to be out of the game. For this reason, players should not enter these hot drop zones.