When can OB35 Advanced Server release in Free Fire Max?

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In Free Fire Max, Garena adds advanced servers before each update is included in the game. In this server players get information about new features. That’s how much change is going to be done inside the game.

Developers release each update in two months. The developer launched the OB34 update in May. After this update, the second version OB35 is going to be included in the game in a few days. Advance Server will be added before this update. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell when the OB35 Advanced Server can be released in Free Fire Max.

When can OB35 Advanced Server release in Free Fire Max?


The OB inside the game is part of an update known as an open beta. However, the features and items are changed every two months. It also includes the date of clash squad and rank season. Clash Squad ends the day before the update is included.

Live is done by Advance Server Developer. Details about clash rank are also given here.

Clash Ranked season will end in 13 games on July 21 (Image Credit : Garena)

The date for the OB35 Advance server inside the game has been announced. These server developers can release in the first week of July. The OB35 patch update will be added two weeks after that. Be sure to register for the server.

  • Players have to open the official website of Advance Server in the device.
  • Click here to go to the direct website .
  • Players will see Facebook and Google accounts to login.
  • In this form, name, email-id and phone number have to be entered.
  • Touch on the Join-Now button. Install the Advance Server Key application.
  • The activation code will be sent by the developers. You can join with his help.