What is B2K’s Free Fire ID? Stats, rank, headshots, K/D ratio, YouTube income, and more

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Many Free Fire players from the Middle East server have established a reputation worldwide with their incredible gameplay. The Born2Kill YouTube channel is one of the most popular avenues for players worldwide to enjoy gameplay clips.

It is run by the duo of Moez and Walid, with the current subscriber count already standing at 9.04 million. The duo have also started with other channels like B2K (1.39 million subscribers), B2K Highlights (381k subscribers), and B2K Shorts (195k subscribers).

B2K’s Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, headshots, and more

B2K’s Free Fire ID is 320653047. He is placed in Heroic in BR-Ranked Season 30 and still sits in Bronze 1 in CS-Ranked Season 15. The in-depth summary of his in-game stats is as follows:

BR Career stats

B2K has contested in 1410 solo matches and remained undefeated 173 times, translating in at a win rate of 12.26%. With 4650 kills and 1503 headshots, he upholds a K/D ratio of 3.72 and a headshot rate of 32.32%.

During the 3143 duo encounters, Born2Kill defeated the entire opposition 511 times, equaling a win rate of 16.25%. He has attained 14851 frags, and 5333 have been the result of headshots, converting to a K/D ratio of 5.64 while also ensuring a headshot rate of 35.91%.

B2K has also been a part of 9491 squad matches, and 1717 games have ended in his favor, retaining a win rate of 18.09%. He has taken down 55275 opponents with 18502 secured as headshots, retaining a K/D ratio of 7.11 and a headshot rate of 33.47%.

BR Ranked stats

Born2Kill has played four duo matches and once stood victorious to acquire a win rate of 25%. The Tunisian star has registered 36 frags alongside 30 headshots to his credit, culminating in a K/D ratio of 12 and a headshot rate of 83.33%.

The content creator has racked up 21 victories in 65 squad contests during Free Fire Ranked Season 30, which adds to a win rate of 32.30%. He has secured 467 frags alongside scoring 230 headshots, fetching a K/D ratio of 10.61 with a headshot rate of 49.25%.

Note: The images and stats used in this article have been retrieved from Free Fire MAX. This will change as the content creator features in more matches in the battle royale title.

Monthly income

As per the statistics posted by Social Blade, Moez’s monthly income via Born2Kill is approximately between $652 and $10.4K. The earnings for the entire year are forecast to range between $7.8K and $125.2K at the current viewership levels.

YouTube channel


The Born2Kill YouTube channel started a few years back and has accomplished a massive following in the Free Fire community. The channel holds 420+ uploads that have racked up 9.04 million views.

It achieved one million subscribers in 2019, multiplied by several times in 2020. The channel recently accomplished a great feat of nine million subscribers.

Even though the YouTuber has not posted any content in the past few months, the channel continues to grow. As per Social Blade, Born2Kill has gained 20k subscribers and 2.608 million views during the previous 30 days.