What is 2B Gamer’s Free Fire ID? Stats, rank, K/D ratio, monthly income, and more

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Sandesh Tamang is a successful Free Fire content creator from Nepal who runs the popular YouTube channel 2B Gamer. The YouTuber has capitalized on the popularity of the battle royale title and currently boasts 5.75 million subscribers on his primary channel.

He has not been very active in the last month and has only uploaded a handful of videos and streams. Apart from his success on YouTube, Sandesh also has over 100k followers on Instagram.

2B Gamer’s Free Fire ID and stats

2B Gamer’s Free Fire ID is 133688778. The content creator is ranked Diamond 3 in BR-Ranked Season 30 and Diamond 4 in CS-Ranked Season 15. His stats as of 7 November 2022 are as follows:

BR-Career stats

The YouTuber has won 230 out of 1760 solo matches, resulting in a win rate of 13.06%. Additionally, 2B Gamer has reached the top ten 711 times. He has also bagged 4971 frags at a K/D ratio of 3.25 while maintaining an average damage of 881 per match.

2B Gamer has competed in 3114 duo matches and accumulated 458 Booyahs, earning a 14.70% win rate. Additionally, he has made it to the top five 1002 times in this mode. The internet star has eliminated 9621 opponents with a K/D ratio of 3.62 while upholding an average damage per match of 1141.

2B Gamer has competed in 16725 squad matches and has outplayed opponents 3631 times, converting to a win rate of 21.71%. He has secured 55917 frags and made it to the top three 5573 times. Sandesh also maintains a K/D ratio of 4.27 and an average damage per match of 1411.

BR Ranked stats

The content creator has played two duo matches and has failed to acquire a victory or finish in the top five. However, 2B Gamer has taken down two opponents to retain a K/D ratio of 1.50 and an average damage per match of 852.

In the ranked squad matches, the Nepalese star has made 27 appearances and claimed first place five times, equaling a win rate of 18.51%. He has made it to the top five in six matches. With 82 frags under his belt, 2B Gamer has maintained a K/D ratio of 3.73.

Note: 2B Gamer’s Free Fire stats were recorded on 7 November 2022 and are subject to change as he features in more matches in the battle royale title.

Monthly income

According to the Social Blade estimates, Sandesh Tamang makes between $532 and $8.5K per month through his YouTube channel. The earnings for the entire year are within the range of $6.4K and $102.1K.

YouTube channel

The 2B Gamer started his YouTube channel in September 2019 and has entertained his audience with Free Fire content. He has uploaded around 1250 videos that have accumulated 630 million views combined.

In late 2020, the channel surpassed one million subscribers, and the figure doubled in the following months. The subscriber count surpassed five million earlier this year. In the last 30 days, the YouTuber has lost 10k subscribers and gained more than 2.128 million views.

Note: The images and stats used in the article have been gathered using Free Fire MAX.