Travel Mission provides a free Pickup Truck – Starsea Beast in Free Fire MAX

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The arrival of the FFWS tournament has only improved the players’ experience in Free Fire MAX over recent weeks. The game is inundated with tons of rewards, some of which are available free of cost, while others necessitate the expenditure of diamonds.

One of the new events is called the Travel Mission, and as its name directly implies, gamers have to travel a specific distance to win rewards. It only offers one reward of Pickup Truck – Starsea Beast. Read through for a detailed guide to winning the item.

Travel Mission provides a free Pickup Truck – Starsea Beast in Free Fire MAX

The new Travel Mission commenced on the Indian server on November 23, and players have until November 26, 2022, to receive the rewards. Unlike other available events, there is only one milestone in this mission, i.e., traveling a distance of 10000 meters.

In exchange for completing this mission, you will receive an exclusive Pickup Truck – Starsea Beast, for free. The developers have not set specific conditions on the mode where you can complete the requirements. Thus, it is in your best interest to play the battle royale mode, where you can easily accomplish the goals.

Steps to collect the new Starsea Beast Pickup Truck in Free Fire MAX

You may follow the instructions given below to acquire the new Pickup Truck skin through the Travel Mission in Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: Access your Free Fire MAX account and play the preferred game mode to accomplish travel distance requirements. You can monitor your progress through the particular event section.

Step 2: After you have accomplished the distance of 10000 meters, you can access the events by clicking on the calendar icon from the menu on the right side.

Step 3: Select the FFWS 2022 tab from the horizontal menu and click on the Travel Mission section.

Step 4: Click the claim button beside the pickup truck to receive the skin.

Step 5: Subsequently, you can equip the Starsea Beast Pickup Truck through the vault section and vehicle tab.

Such events offer Free Fire MAX players an attractive opportunity to expand their in-game cosmetic collection without requiring them to spend diamonds. Furthermore, accomplishing the said objective should be easy for active users.

Other events offering free rewards

The update for the rewards event has been available in the battle royale title since the release of the Free Fire MAX OB37 update. You must download the given resource packs to receive free Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, and Incubator Voucher.

Like the Travel Mission, the Elimination Mission is live in the game, where you must eliminate 50 enemies to receive a surfboard. However, these missions will conclude today, i.e., November 23, 2022.

You can also get the new Arvon pet, its skin, and more rewards through the Dragon Awaken interface. Similarly, the Navy Starsea Gloo Wall is free through the FFWS Card event.